And we’re back!


Play for Voices is thrilled to announce the release of our fourth episode, featuring Please Enter Destination by Tereza Semotamová. Find it at our Listen page or our audioBoom channel!


Please Enter Destination, which was translated from the Czech by Barbora Růžičková, is the second of the three winners of the audio drama in translation contest we held last year in partnership with Words without Borders, which is publishing the script of each winning audio play.

The other two winners are That Deep Ocean… by Ana Cândida Carneiro, translated from the Italian by Stephen Pidcock, and It’s Cold and It’s Getting So Dark by Carmen-Francesca Banciu, translated from the German by Elena Mancini.

That Deep Ocean… was featured in our third episode, which we released in early September, and It’s Cold and It’s Getting So Dark will follow Please Enter Destination in December.

We’re currently holding our first crowdfunding campaign to coincide with these three extra-special productions. To contribute until November 29, please visit our Fractured Atlas campaign site. From November 30 onward, you can use the “Donate now at Fractured Atlas!” button on our Support page here.



About Play for Voices


Play for Voices is a podcast of international audio drama, launched in the fall of 2016.

Our show, which is produced in New York City, presents new productions of contemporary and classic audio plays from around the world, exploring their aesthetic, social, and political contexts through inventive, multilingual sound design and interviews with authors, translators, and other interesting people. We feature English-language plays and plays in English translation.

Radio drama—“plays for voices” written to be heard rather than seen—enjoyed great popularity in the U.S. during the “Golden Age” of radio, from the 1920s to the 1950s. Since then, radio and audio drama have occupied a marginal place in the U.S. audio landscape, but the form has remained vibrant elsewhere in the world, often on public broadcasting networks. Audio drama is a highly flexible dramatic form that encourages experimentation and encompasses narrative, lyric, serials, and standalone plays of varying lengths.

Inspired by the resurgence of audio storytelling in the United States, Play for Voices aims to build an inclusive audience of listeners for international audio drama in English and English translation, and to promote dialogue among the literary, translation, theater, audio, and sound art communities.

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